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NFT Registration and Certification Services:

NFT Registration and Certification Services:

Arti project will introduce digitalization of artwork and registration service for certification of NFT works along with "Korea NFT Public Authorization." In the meantime, there has been a problem of how blockchain technology combines with art, and Artie uses the "patent application for art storage and digitalization" technology owned by Korea NFT Corporation to digitalize art and register and certify ownership.
For each artwork, NFC (near-range wireless communication) chips containing blockchain and RFID (electronic tag) functions are attached to the work, and are designed to invalidate authentication if forced to remove them. It is also protected by a special storage capsule called Slap, and the information contained in the chip cannot be edited, but can be viewed by everyone on their smartphone anywhere in the world.
NFT Registration and Certification Services:
The artist himself certifies authenticity and records it permanently in the blockchain "public digital ledger", containing all works related information such as the name of the work, transaction history, and winning bid, and information determining the authenticity of the work through spectrography can be easily identified. Payment required for blockchain registration and authentication services through NFTization can be made with Arti coins.
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