ARTI-X Exchange

ARTI-X Exchange

Art Project establishes a trading platform where anyone can purchase, sell, or co-purchase ownership of artwork. Designed and built to tokenize all digital content into NFT. This allows anyone in the public to become an art owner for a small amount of money and generate revenue through transactions.

01. Arti NFT Transaction Platform Structure

02. NFT Work Filtering Certification System: NFT-Filter

In order to enter the art platform, it requires security technology that is different from ordinary e-commerce, and creators, artists, and collectors must go through real-name authentication and anti-money laundering procedures.
Art Platform reviews and certifies the authenticity of works through NFT certification institutions and experts. As reckless items that are not currently verified in the NFT market are uploaded, the problem of poor quality can be eliminated in advance. Certified artworks are issued unique tokens with irreplaceable hash values by applying NFT technology to prevent forgery of ownership, and non-replaceable unique tokens are registered and stored in blockchain. Within the Arti Marketplace, payment methods are settled around Arti tokens.
1st Marketplace: A market where anyone can freely NFT items and register them (Primary Market) Second Marketplace: A market in which proven NFT works are listed (Secondary Market)

Proven NFT trading platform

Our goal is to create a highly flexible distributed market where users can trade NFT tokens present in various blockchains with the highest security and transparency.