ARTi Project
The first NFT(Non Fungible Token) Project in Korea
Digitalization of art, transaction transparency, ownership NFT decentralization, Art popularization innovation projects.

ART-I = ART+Innovation

: It adds Innovation to ART.

In the digital age, as digital technology is integrated in the traditional art field, the boundaries of digital technology are gradually collapsing and becoming a trend of change that integrates and fuses with each other.
ARTI Project is a global art innovation project in which famous artists from each field and digital creators from each field participate to digitize artworks, decentralize ownership, transparency of transactions, flow of ownership, and popularize art.

ARTi Foundation

Arti Project is led by the Hooranky Foundation of the world's digital media artist, "Hooranky b."

Hooranky...World's Digital Media Writer - Lead Art Project

Artistic projects involve well-known artists, NFT-related companies, organizations, and individuals from various fields of art.
Especially, with the world-renowned digital media artist Hooranky as the CEO of Art Project, the Hooranky Foundation participates in the project, and many galleries, gallery companies, art organizations, celebrities, K-pop artists.
In addition, various game companies and digital content companies are increasingly joining the purpose of art projects through the issuance of NFT.
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