Main Project

01. Web 3.0 & Arti

Arti Project is promoting a decentralized digital governance platform that processes metaverse and NFT transactions through Web 3.0 technology. The keyword of Web 3.0 is 'artificial intelligence' and 'decentralization'. The form of Web 3.0 gives meaning to all data, creating an intelligent web that computers can interpret and infer, and implement an Internet environment in which computers can quickly and automatically process without human intervention in a decentralized system. says to do

02. Metaverse & Arti

The metaverse refers to a three-dimensional virtual world where social, economic, and cultural activities like the real world take place. Beyond just viewing virtual reality through a simple screen, directly participating in the virtual world makes it possible to create and exchange values ​​in the real world. Arti Project is a platform that provides various services including NFT items to users in the metaverse space as in the real world through Web 3.0 technology. In particular, we are building the ARTi-Meta Gallery where cultural and artistic works can be exhibited and experienced in a virtual space.

03. NFT & Arti

Non-fungible token NFT utilizes blockchain technology to prove ownership and increase transparency of transaction history. Arti Project not only solves the problems of ownership and copyright of cultural artworks, but also solves problems such as proof of ownership, absence of an integrated platform for virtual reality and metaverse, and unreasonable content revenue structure as the metaverse market grows, and creates a new concept of efficient virtualization. We aim to create a world.