2. ARTi-Meta-Space

Metaverse main Project #2

Arti-Meta Virtual Exhibition Hall:

ARTi Project builds ARTi-Meta Space, a virtual space exhibition hall where culture, art, performances, and events can be held by utilizing the technologies of virtual and augmented reality, which are metaverse technologies.

ART Exibition (Hooranky Artwork) in Arti virtual Meta Space
ARTi Meta Space digitizes the exhibition space in the form of a digital museum by fusion of the four major spaces (physical space - electronic space - ubiquitous space - user experience space) and is being built so that it can be accessed 'from anywhere' around the world. The world famous works or artists' materials are built in ultra-high quality, and virtual and augmented reality technologies are applied to overlap the field and virtual gallery so that you can experience it as if you were in the real space.

ART and Various Event and performances in ARTI-Meta-Space

Also. In ARTi Meta-Space, not only exhibition of works, but also various cyber events and performances can be held. are doing

Various Cyber Event and performances in ARTI-Meta-Space