Arti Project solves art ownership and copyright issues through NFT technology, facilitates investment and access to expensive art works through joint ownership techniques through liquidation, and uses NFT technology so that anyone can easily participate in art and digital content consumption. I'll give you a chance.

Ownership protection in the metaverse virtual space

The ARTi team is created in the new virtual reality metaverse ecosystem, and the ownership of the items used is completely protected by smart contracts. In other words, any participant in the ARTi Project ecosystem can become a metaverse item producer and have ownership of the item to be protected, and continuous revenue generation is possible through smart contracts. As such, the ARTi Project uses blockchain to protect the ownership related to item production for a healthy creation of a market ecosystem related to virtual reality, and at the same time encourages item producers to produce more items, leading to a virtuous cycle throughout the metaverse industry.

Establishing Ecosystem Transparency as a Governance Token

ARTi is a governance token used within the platform ecosystem, and includes a payment system that securely protects and records token transactions that occur in the virtual world of the ARTi Project. Participants can register and create NFT assets and content using this system, and set the reward rate and economy of tokens.

On the other hand, the virtual world of the ARTi Project rewards participants according to their contribution to the metaverse ecosystem, and guarantees transparency so that participants cannot forge or falsify when they receive payment. In other words, it eliminates the risk of data forgery and falsification through a network using blockchain, and utilizes smart contracts so that participants can obtain rewards commensurate with their contributions without a complicated process.

Discovering creators and supporting creativity

By continuously discovering unknown artists and various digital creators and participating in the global art ecosystem group, they not only publicize their works, but also inspire artistic creativity by selling NFT works and generating profits, and through ecosystem support We want to encourage creativity.

Through the Arti Project ecosystem, more people will have easier access to the art and digital content market, and new profits will be created through investment in art, which will bring about great changes in economic activity and quality of life. We want to have an influence on new trends in the contemporary art and culture market.

Digitalization revolution using NFT and Metaverse

In order to improve the existing chronic problems of the art market and digital content (music, webtune, movie, game items) market, Arti Project is a non-replaceable token for various art works and digital assets in each field based on blockchain.

Through NFT (Non-Fungible-Token) technology, we want to make the distribution process transparent by recording the movement path of assets on the block chain, and to solve the problems of ownership transaction and transfer transparent disclosure, profit imbalance, and security.

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