2Q, 2021

  • ARTi token development and issuance
  • Project business plan- White paper Ver1.0

3Q, 2021

  • Listed on ARTi Exchange
  • NFT Blue Auction USA 2021 (Hooranky. $5.5Millon)
  • Participation in Binance MVB Project.

4Q, 2021

  • ARTiX - NFT Marketplace Launching
  • Hooranky NFT Special Auction in ArtiX ($7.5 Million)
  • Additional listing on decentralized exchanges

1st, 2022

  • Advanced NFT Marketplace ARTiX
  • ARTi virtual exhibition hall (ARTi MetaVerse Space) environment establishment
  • ARTi NFT Farming System launched

2nd, 2022

  • ARTi Virtual Exhibition Hall (ARTi MetaVerse Space) launched
  • Advanced ARTi NFT DeFi system


  • ARTi NFT Marketplace global expansion
  • ARTi virtual exhibition hall (ARTi MetaVerse Space) global expansion


  • ARTi International Complex Arts and Culture Art Hall opened
  • Held ARTi World Art and Digital Media Art Exhibition - International Event