ARTi _Project

In the era of Web 3.0, Arti Project is a platform that provides various services, including NFT items, through Web 3.0 technology to enable users to engage in cultural, artistic, social, and economic activities just like in the real world in the metaverse space.
The ARTi Project enhances accessibility so that users can easily experience virtual reality and metaverse through Web 3.0 technology, block chain, NFT, AR, and VR (virtual reality) technologies, and promotes seamless interaction among ecosystem members such as various companies, developers, and users. We build a decentralized metaverse ecosystem that leads a virtuous cycle.

ARTi _Concept

ART+i = ART + innovation, identities

The ARTi logo expresses the metaverse world in which the universe, nature, and humans coexist and cooperate in a virtual space in a circle by using the English letters A-R-T-i to shape the world in the form of mountains, water, humans, and nature.
Arti token Logo