NFT ArtWork of Hooranky Bae

hooranky.Bae as a ARTi Project CEO
Hooranky.B, world-class Digital media writer

Hooranky.Bae World-renowned digital media Artist Hooranky. Arti-Lead a project. Currently, Hooranky is the CEO of Arti-project and is leading the arti project.

Hooranky's major NFT Auction history

  • "A contract for $50 million (krw 59 billion) for five digital series (2019.08)"
  • "Lotte Department Store Spot Auction Hooranky's KRW 2 billion (2019.12)"
  • "NFT of Jeon Tae-il's KRW 150 billion (2021.04)"
  • "Miamai NFT BLUE Auction".Succesful Bid $5,050,050 (2021.07.22.)
  • Appointed as an ambassador of "World-Vison".(2021.07.23.)
  • NFT Certificate Agreement with "KNCA".(2021.08.27.)
  • "Global ArtiX NFT Auction".Successful Bid $7,500,000 (2021.10.19.)

Hooranky NFT Collection

Hooranky, 5 collections sold for a total of $50 million
50th anniversary of Jeon Tae-il, selling NFT
Hooranky, SUPER KPA’s work.
“K-POP and K-ART" and SM promote Korean Wave art.
Collaboration with the Ban Ki-moon Foundation
hooranky Luxury Collaboration(Samsung Harman)
Successful Bid $7,500,000 in Global "ArtiX NFT Auction"(2012.10.19)
Succesful Bid $5,050,050 in "Miamai NFT BLUE Auction".( 2021.07.22)on
Appointed as an ambassador of "World-Vison".(2021.07.23